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I see I am not the first to look this guy up. He butt in front of me at Home hardware, and then intimidated me when I said excuse me. I am short, he is huge, and he just leaned in and glared at me.. Quite intimidating. Then I see he parked in Handycapped parking.

I am a senior, I just can't afford to get beaten up.

that is all I have to say, other than I will never hire a guy who makes me that nervous.

minimum 100 words? What sort of thing is that. end end end

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It's funny everybody lies about you I worked with you for few weeks and never got paid, I have seen with my own eyes you trying to fight people o. The highway in road rage, I've seen you try to fight workers from different crews for no real reason. No one should hire you and it would be a good thing if your company folded


Utterly false.Prove this happened to you my friend.

Amazing that people will blatantly lie. I have been attacked because of a FB feud and this is just another false claim. Nice try!!!

If this is so true then feel free to get the security tape and prove this ever happened.I welcome it!

to Jason martin Painting Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #608258

hardly a lie.You're delusional and violent.

I saw you go after 3 guys in the last few months not to mention hearing you threaten your own employee by throwing him off the building.

I just wish that last guy you went after put you in your place.too bad he was was more of a man then you.

Jason Martins Painting - Jason Martin Painting, Jason Martin, Duncan B.C.

Orlando, Florida 12 comments
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First, I used Mr.Martin's services.

I asked him to come back to address a problem I was having with something he did, and he returned. Then I was yelled at, called names, and belittled. As I have been making efforts to get the story out there, I've come to find I'm not the only one. He's harassed people before me, even not work related.

I have been told he is a heavy drinker, and have also read that online. I can't attest to that, but I can attest to this -- I will NEVER use this guy's services again.

I wouldn't befriend him, OR have him work for me again.

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I beleave every word from this person. Jason Martin is crazy and I've seen him try to fight a few guys on his crew for no reason because they spoke. He has a anger management problem and no one should hire him

to Former employee Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #634371

Nonsense.you are a disgruntled employee who was fired.

two guys got fired, so its very easy to know who you are.And I think, you are the one who assaulted me after I fired you, and repeatably asked you to leave the premises, and I had to call the police on you!


Notice how I am located in Vancouver B.C.Canada.

And how the complaint originates in Florida!!!!

Very far for me to travel to do work for you, let alone in another country.

to Jason Martin Painting Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #611526

Of course somebody's going to say they live in Orlando Florida so they don't give away their location to you!

to Sandy Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #634358

If I worked for them, then I would know their location wouldn't I Sandy????? It is very easy to see this is false.

to Jason Martin Painting Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #611528

I have been around Jason Martin and know first-hand how he speaks to his staff. Talks to them as if they are bad children - totally disrespectful, intimidating, belittling, pretty close to being a bully, in my opinion.

If I ever need a painter, it will not be Jason Martin. It's immaterial to me whether he's a good painter or not, I would not hire someone who treats his staff like they're idiots.

to Sandy Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #634372

You are a renter who did nothing but cause problems.You had issues with myself, and issues with the construction company.

All because of your parking space and your vehicle. You and your boyfriend acted like spoiled little children all because we had to work around your vehicle. Your boyfriend threw a can of pop my lift because I wouldn't move. We were hired to do a job and because you didn't like being inconvenienced you acted out.

What you dont seem to realize is the parking is owned by the Strata. One more incident from you and the strata would have booted you out of the parking lot and onto the street which they have a total legal right to do so. After the last incident from you I did not report it and if I did you would have lost your parking space for the duration of the project. When my employee's did something wrong it cost me money, and in some cases thousand's of dollars.

It is hard enough to find staff let alone hard working staff.

This is nothing more than you acting out yet again.Childish, petty behaviour from you yet again!!!


This is completely false.I ask you to provide evidence that I have done any work for you.

Provide An invoice and any information regarding the job, Where the job is located? What brand of paint used? what date the job was done. I have an excellent reputation and a excellent referral record.

You are harassing me and providing a false review.Prove what you are claiming!!!!

to Jason martin Painting Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #611532

Mr.Martin, seriously, do you really believe that someone who's dissatisfied with your work will provide you with an invoice or some other proof that you worked for them?

When people say you have an anger management problem?Get real!

to Sandy #634353

Nobody has ever been un-satisfied with my work....EVER. Young ppl today have no work ethic, are mouthy and lazy. I wont reply anymore to your ridiculous claims. Why dont you get real!!! try taking on a job that big yourself and see how YOU manage. Alot of stress and pressure to do the job on time....to specifications....and try to make some sort of profit.

A job on that magnitude is not an easy task. Its very easy to be an arm chair quarterback but you would never take on a task of this magnitude yourself. Very easy to judge others isn't it? Try managing a bunch of lazy workers who don't care about what they are doing. I care about the work and doing a excellent job which I always do!!! and if some lazy young kid has a problem with being told what to do....then to bad. He doesnt care...and neither do you!!!!! If I let my crew run me then nothing would ever get done. Bad employee's get fired...very simple.

And yes Sandy, I would expect someone who has filed a false complaint to then show proof...this person never hired me. PERIOD, It is a false claim and they have never responded since. That job that you are referring to was a HUGE undertaking with stress that you could not imagine...and then have a revolving door of lazy workers....but guess what. THE JOB WAS DONE TO 100% satisfaction AND on time. So if some lazy kid has a problem with being yelled at....TO BAD. His own family owns a business and they fired him...HE TOLD ME THAT. But I took a chance on him, and he mouthed me off too many times so he got fired....and then complains about it.

I have NEVER BEEN FIRED from any job I have held. And I have worked all over the world with many different cultures and language barriers.

Sandy is a renter who lives in the project that was just completed and has a issue with me...well SANDY, to bad. You didnt like how workers parked their lift over your vehicle and got it dirty...Not me, the construction workers, and your boyfriend acted like a 12 yr old child and had a hissy fit. he was getting mad at the wrong person "ME". He and yourself need to grow up. Fake reviews and allegations do not hurt my business. Nice try though!!!!!

This whole thing started with a fake review which was from a Facebook indecent. I said it was false and to prove the allegation which has never been done. Its pretty easy to scan a copy of the invoice and post it. But no such invoice exists!!!!

to Untrue Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #634356

I do not drink alcohol, AT ALL. And Sandy, this person who said I worked for them and has never proven that...well, I would know where they live since I apparently worked on their house/apartment/condo etc. So why would they write Florida as a location? I have APPARENTLY been to their house!!! Their IP address is marked on this site.

to Sandy Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #634359

Yes I would like to see an invoice.This is a fake claim.

I have records of every single job I have done. I remember every single job I have done!!!!

This is a false claim.Very easy to see that!

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